Grace Life Bible College is a male-only theological teaching institution in Webuye, Kenya that aims to train indigenous pastors who are from non-traditional churches.

We offer an accredited Bachelor of Arts degree program in Bible and Theology.

Grace life Bible College aims to produce theologically-grounded, character-developed pastors who are able expositors of the Word of God.


Grace Life Bible College envisions a self-sufficient theological training institute that produces theologically-grounded pastors who are competent expositors of the Word of God.


Grace Life Bible College aims to offer doctrinally sound theological training through comprehensive biblical education.

Grace Life Bible College targets indigenous pastors from non-traditional church backgrounds who in most case have never had the opportunity for theological training.


Pastor Situma

Pastor Situma


Pastor Situma is a graduate of Africa Theological Seminary in Kitale, Kenya (1997) with a B.A. in Bible and Theology, currently studying toward a Master of Divinity from the Master’s Seminary in Los Angeles, California. Pastor Situma is the founder of Grace Life Ministries, Grace Life Bible College (GLBC) and a church planter (the latest being Grace Life Church in Webuye, Kenya). He is also the least pastor of Grace Life Church in Eldoret. He has trained over 3,000 pastors in East Africa and Sudan in Evangelism Explosion (EE).

Dr. Rick Gregory

Dr. Rick Gregory

Head of Faculty

Dr. Rick Gregory is a graduate of Bob Jones University (1981) with a B.A. in pastoral studies. His graduate degrees include a Master of Divinity from Capitol Bible Seminary (1983) and a Doctor of Ministry from Grace Theological Seminary (1995). While in seminary, Rick helped to plant a church n New Carrollton, Maryland. He served a three-year pastoral residency program at Westchester Bible Church near Chicago from 1983-1986. He served for 20 years as the Senior Pastor of Byron Center Bible Church in Byron Center, Michigan, before coming to Grace Bible Church in Fair Oaks, California in the summer of 2006.