Grace Life Bible College is located on a one acre property in Webuye Kenya. At its current location, the college is able to offer on-campus accommodations to 40 students at a time.

The facility consists of:

  • The Lecture Room.
  • Information Centre; consisting of 8 Computers with internet connectivity and a Library.
  • The Office and Reception Area
  • The Student Residence able to house 40 students at a time.
  • A Temporary Kitchen where student and staff meals are prepared and a Hall which temporarily serves as the Dining Hall.

To allow the for maximum functionality of the facility, plans are also underway to:

  • Construct additional Lecture Rooms to allow several classes to take place simultaneously.
  • Further equip the Information Centre by adding a multipurpose printer.
  • Expand the Office Area to provide resident professors room for their administrative needs.
  • Complete furnishing the Student Residence.
  • Construct a fully equipped kitchen and adjoining Dining Hall.